Association of Oregon Recyclers: Recycling 101

Project Media: digital

What do you call an online course that is aimed at everyday recyclers but involves more than just separating your recycling: Recycling 101 - Go Beyond The Basics. EnviroIssues was charged with taking an existing program offered by the Association of Oregon Recyclers through Portland State University online and reach a targeted audience. The key audience was viewers 45 and younger (e.g. students and recent graduates, frequent web and social media users, recent parents, etc.) who are “every day” recyclers in eastern and central Oregon who are personally interested in sustainability and would be inclined to learn more about the course. Through a series of messages and images revolving around the themes of community involvement, global awareness and financial benefits we created a suite of digital and print advertising material and media strategies for the Association of Oregon Recyclers to implement.

MarCom Award

Honorable Mention