520 Go Long

Project Media: branding

The newly constructed SR 520 bridge isn’t just any bridge, it’s the World’s Longest Floating Bridge. A bridge like that deserved a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and Creative Studio was honored to brand the party. Working with WSDOT communications, the GO LONG brand was developed to reflect the unique aspects of the bridge, be recognizable as the SR 520 Bridge project, and also offered greater commercial appeal than your run-of-the-mill highway project ribbon cutting. The GO LONG name worked on multiple levels: as an acronym for a grand opening, a call-to-action to “GO” attend the event, and a nod to the length of the bridge. The GO theme was also carried throughout the event in reference to activities that attendees could participate in by asking them to GO run, GO walk, GO STEM. The visual identity reinforced the fun GO LONG theme by using a brightly colored illustrative profile of the bridge to highlight the length of the structure. The brand was used in sponsorship, marketing, and promotions materials for both print, online, and broadcast.

MarCom Awards

Platinum Winner