Yuki Zheng

Yuki can never manage to finish her iced lattes yet can't bring herself to buy smaller sizes.

Yuki graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in global environmental sustainability. During her undergraduate education, she worked with the university's sustainable food task force and refugee gardeners in the city of Charlottesville. Finding joy in the intersection of sustainability and food systems, Yuki moved to Seattle in summer 2021 to join the Seattle Farmers Markets nonprofit. She worked with government agencies, food banks, Washington farmers, and local communities to increase access to healthy, local, and fresh foods. Her outreach work that came with making markets more accessible and affordable has convinced Yuki that community engagement is essential to creating more inclusive and welcoming public spaces, programs, and environments. In her spare time, Yuki enjoys playing volleyball, rooting for the New England Patriots, living out her dream life in Stardew Valley, and caring for her houseplants.