Nicolas Kadir-Jensen

Nicolas grew up a thespian, acting and singing on stage in over 30 community productions around Western Washington and Southern Virginia.

Nicolas was raised throughout the North Puget Sound region to a family who taught them the importance of serving and leading community. Nicolas is a passionate public policy and strategic communications professional with 6+ years of experience in crafting campaign messaging, generating and executing community and stakeholder engagement plans, and developing social service oriented programming. They hold a Master of Public Policy & Global Affairs degree from the University of British Columbia and a degree in political science from Western Washington University. Nicolas’ erstwhile positions include running a regional enrollment program under the Affordable Care Act, managing a research project for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and fundraising for a nonprofit organization that teaches children who are deaf and/or hard of hearing. In their spare time, you can find Nicolas travelling with their partner, playing games with friends late into the night, and going on walks with their rescued dog, Barnaby.