Nia Liggins

When Nia was 5 years old, she wanted to be a scientist, artist, and the mayor of Los Angeles.

Hailing from the "City of Angels," Nia has always set out to make a positive change in her community. Growing up in a diverse city taught her the importance of inclusion and planted a love for all things built and natural environments. Nia has a passion for sustainability, environmental justice, and community involvement that she’s put into practice by educating youth, participating in habitat restoration projects, even researching antibiotic-resistant bacteria in soils from the UCLA campus and farms in the surrounding region. She strives to be a relationship builder between public service agencies and communities that often go unheard, bringing her track record of successful project management and meaningful stakeholder engagement to every project. In her free time, she loves to meander aimlessly outside, argue about the validity of modern art, and pet the dogs in her neighborhood.