Mik Roque

Mik has read fewer books than fingers on one hand, but he has consumed over 10,000 chapters of graphic novels, 1,000 hours of audio books, and countless instructional videos on YouTube.

Mik has lived many lives in 30 years: as an artist, a combat veteran, an American growing up in post-colonial Metro Manila, and as a minority living in America. Because of Mik’s background, he has a deep personal dedication to lifting up underrepresented narratives. During his time as an art curator, Mik solicited art from BIPOC artists in order to showcase more diverse experiences. During his tour in the Navy, Mik supported several new programs, trainings, and initiatives to ensure that BIPOC sailors voices and experiences of discrimination were addressed by leadership. At EnviroIssues, Mik is driven to create opportunities for underrepresented communities to be an integral part of the conversation every step of the way. After 5 pm, Mik spends quality time with his partner Sid and their lovely pup, Korra. He also explores his vast and unending daydreams - putting them into pen and paper as his someday magnum opus that is a manga.