Marguerite Kennedy

While living in New York City, Marguerite once had a dream where a talking salmon with a Brooklyn accent told her to move to Seattle.

A self-described “language nerd,” Marguerite graduated from the University of Florida with degrees in English and Linguistics. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, she’s spent most of her adult life in Paris, New York, and Seattle. After beginning her career working for satellites of the French Embassy and the Belgian Consulate in New York, Marguerite went to work for a variety of nonprofit organizations focused on social equity, cross-cultural awareness, and education. After more than a decade as a communications, marketing, and development director, she decided to pursue her passion for web and software development. She sees all aspects of the internet – including the source code – as a powerful form of storytelling that has the potential to help decolonize the narratives of both cultures and individuals. She lives on Capitol Hill in Seattle with her spouse, 51 indoor plants, and 2.3 cats.