Colin Christopher

Colin received a PhD from Laughter Yoga University in 2007!

Growing up alongside the frozen lakes of historic Hoocąk (Ho-Chunk) land in Madison, Wisconsin, Colin learned to appreciate the outdoors and politics at a young age. Splitting most of his adult life between Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, and India, his experience within diverse communities taught him the value of story and understanding how power operates. From organizing for better bicycle infrastructure to managing electoral campaign teams, he has seen the results of equity-centered public engagement. Throughout his work, Colin has learned to center untapped voices, whether that be producing documentary films on frontline solutions to climate change or testifying before Congress on anti-poverty policy. He cut his teeth on Capitol Hill learning to lobby from politically progressive nuns, previously led an environmental nonprofit, and currently advises White-led organizations on how to operationalize antiracism. Colin is a Co-Founder of 4 Nations Unite!, a Muslim and Indigenous peoples collaborative working to address the climate crisis through traditional solutions. In his free time, Colin enjoys playing soccer, learning Truths through non-human creation, and consuming copious amounts of frozen custard.