Celeste Levy

Celeste has never lost a thumb wrestling match, and isn’t planning to anytime soon.

Celeste (they/them) believes that we all have a role to play in living well with each other and the environment. After changing majors as many times as was allowed, they graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Philosophy, focusing on feminist philosophy of science. Celeste moved to Seattle in 2022, packing everything they own into a car and driving across the country. While they discovered that they dislike both moving and driving, they absolutely love Seattle. Before coming to EnviroIssues, they worked in the public speaking world as a coach and coach trainer and on the big stage with TEDx. Celeste is passionate about human-centered public engagement, environmentalism and living in community, and brings an intersectional background in education, social/environmental sciences and data science to work at EI. Outside of work, you can find them starting (and rarely finishing) every type of arts and crafts project, hosting a themed dinner party, or searching through local waterways for frogs.