Cadence Purdy

Cadence chose their name to reflect their love of music – they love making playlists for friends, listening to albums, investing in their record collection, seeing live shows, learning bass, and seeking out the best karaoke song.

Cadence is a connector, and the number one thing that drives them is creating meaningful connections with others and fostering community. In both their professional and personal world, Cadence honors their authentic self to maintain the energy needed for excellent work that centers community in its many forms. Cadence has experience working on community engagement projects ranging from waste reduction outreach and education to wildfire recovery. They are especially excited to work on projects that center the most impacted when it comes to disaster resiliency and climate change. Cadence is a dedicated lifelong learner in antiracism, and they play an active role in mutual aid in their community and volunteer for Portland Neighborhood Emergency Teams. In their spare time, Cadence enjoys learning and exploring, constantly picking up new hobbies. Right now, they’re learning baseball for the first time!