Byamba Enkhee

Byamba loves the classroom and hopes to become a lifelong learner both in and out of it. Next step: taking a beginner’s French class!

Byamba spent most of her childhood summers travelling the vast Mongolian countryside with her family – staying in yurts, helping herd sheep, fermenting airag, tagging along on hunting trips and being immersed in the nomadic traditions of Mongolia. This gave her an appreciation for the natural world, which she combined with her interest in language to pursue degrees in environmental studies and English literature at the University of Washington. She’s helped organize and interpret official visits from Mongolian provinces to the U.S. with trips to local dairies, farms, local governments, hospitals and classrooms. She has experience and interests in regenerative agriculture, carbon offsets purchasing and community outreach. Byamba is excited about using her unique combination of skills to help EnviroIssues communicate about a diverse range of projects.