Marilee Jolin

Marilee has a certain luck with wildlife—the first time she ever went out in a sea kayak, she found herself in the midst of a super-pod of over 30 Southern Resident Orcas!

Marilee believes our capacity to engage in tough conversations is the foundation of a thriving public sector that works for all of us. Her years of community organizing in South Seattle taught her the importance of strategic, accessible and relationship-based communications. Marilee’s work is informed by her degree in political science and conflict resolution, as well as anti-racism training. A highly-mobile Pacific Northwest resident, Marilee has had the privilege of living in its many different climates: the dry, hot summers of the Okanogan highlands, the long snowy winters in Anchorage, Alaska, and the gorgeous gray joy of Seattle and Portland. When not at the office, Marilee can be found refining her massive collection of Spotify playlists, vainly striving to make her daughters appreciate the great outdoors, and strengthening her friendships with the neighborhood crows.