Layne Ahlstrom

Layne has spent approximately 11 percent of her life living in Europe.

Layne, a Seattle University alum, brings experience in communications, education, social justice, and environmental studies. She is passionate about using the power of strategic, compassionate, and human-centered communication to connect projects and people to each other. Layne has successfully helped develop unique and effective strategies for projects varying in scale and impact across the Puget Sound and Bay Area. Her work ranges from high-speed rail projects to parking improvement plans in high-density areas. Layne is passionate about the antiracism work at EI. She offers a unique skillset of bold communication paired with radical thinking to interrupt harm and support fellow white people with authentic growth. She deeply values the emerging culture at EnviroIssues. She is committed to combatting racism found in team dynamics and, by extension, project impacts on communities. After 6 years loving living in Seattle, Layne has joyfully returned home to the Bay Area, where she gratefully accepts the sunny weather, and joined the Oakland team. She loves spending time outside, traveling, resisting neurodivergence misinformation, running, and being creative in all respects.