Darcy Edmunds

Darcy has visited 40 of the 50 states in the U.S. and is determined to visit all 50 before anyone else in her family.

A transplant from California, Alabama and New York, Darcy brings over 10 years of experience planning and implementing public involvement, outreach and communications programs at various scales, from neighborhood-level infrastructure projects to statewide transportation policy pilots. Formally trained as an architect, Darcy has a deep understanding of how to visually and verbally communicate complex project details in a way that connects with people. She is skilled in delivering comprehensive outreach and communications programs that target the right audience with the right outreach, including deploying in-person and online engagement campaigns paired with approachable and accessible messages and materials. Darcy has experience in a broad range of fields, including energy infrastructure siting, energy conservation, construction communications, transportation policy and transportation planning. Outside of work, you can find Darcy exploring with her dog Sgt. Pepper, knitting, trying not to fall while practicing yoga, and cultivating an indoor jungle.