Cory Baranski

Cory is an avid reader. Over the years her interests have ranged from quilting, the life of Einstein, painting with watercolors, wilderness survival skills, growing bonsai, the poetry of Robert Frost and anything by Tana French.

A graduate of the University of Washington, Cory received her B.S. in biological oceanography combined with a minor in arctic studies and was a member of the UW Competitive Sailing Team. Her ability to assimilate complex subject matter and distill the key facts allows for clear communication to stakeholders and community members. Her passion for a sustainable environment is evidenced at home where she has a strict “no paper towels” policy. Cory hails from the Midwest, but Seattle is where she is truly in her element. When she’s not at work at EnviroIssues, you’ll find her sailing Lake Washington, cruising dog parks or trying a new recipe.