Annie Pfeifer

Someday Annie hopes to follow in the footsteps of her favorite author, Brendan Leonard, and sell or pack all her things and depart on a great road trip.

Annie joined EnviroIssues after graduating from University of Washington with a bachelor's degree in community, environment, and planning, with a minor in diversity. She was born and raised in Seattle and can often be described as having a healthy obsession with community building, finding equitable solutions to challenging problems and dogs. Previously she worked with UW’s Department of Urban Planning, the City of Auburn, and the Seattle Department of Transportation to assist a range of projects that created goals and strategies to enact change in several underserved communities. On her projects at EnviroIssues she knows how to utilize her skills as a strong community leader and support her teams with maximum enthusiasm. Outside of the office she can be found looking for new adventures and quoting her favorite TV character, Leslie Knope.