Everett Link Extension Project Coordinator – North Puget Sound / Snohomish County

  • Regular Full-time (40 hours/week) Hourly-Benefitted Position
  • Overtime eligible
  • Annual salary range between $54,080 and $60,320
  • Applications accepted until 5pm November 6

Our community

Our EnviroIssues team is passionate about bringing our knowledge of communications, public engagement, and outreach so communities have a voice and opportunity to influence the issues impacting their everyday life. We work alongside our clients to bring community voices into a variety of projects, from deciding how to address wastewater discharge into Puget Sound, designing a new street and whether it will include bike lanes or not, to keeping people informed about impacts during construction of their yards during an environmental cleanup. As a consulting firm, we work with a wide variety of clients, mainly in the public sector, on public involvement and community outreach. Our largest area of work is transportation and transit – yet we also work in water/wastewater, energy, natural resources, environmental cleanup, land use, and other issues that impact people in our communities. With over 100 of us across offices in Seattle, Portland, and Oakland, we collaborate and support each other in defining collective success.

We’re committed to equity and are early in our journey towards being an antiracist workplace. We hope to build a team that reflects the diversity of the communities in which we work, diversity of ideas, leadership, and work styles; and will support our vision of an equitable and thriving workplace. We encourage anyone who brings bilingual and/or multicultural background and/or lived experience that help us include all voices in an equitable way to apply.

Your role and position

As a Project Coordinator, you would be responsible for contributing alongside other teammates to develop and implement various communications and outreach efforts. We anticipate this position would be about 50% dedicated to the Sound Transit Everett Link Extension project with the remaining time available for other projects in North Puget Sound.

The Everett Link Extension Project (about 50%)

The Everett Link Extension adds six Snohomish County stations to the growing light rail network. The 16.3-mile project extends Link service north from Lynnwood City Center to the SW Everett Industrial Center, SR 526/Evergreen Way, and downtown Everett. Light rail will provide fast, reliable connections along one of the state's most congested freeway corridors. As both the longest and northernmost project in the Sound Transit system, this extension will open in 2036. This project will also include siting, environmental review and permitting for the Operations and Maintenance Facility (OMF) North, which will store and service a larger train fleet. An Operations and Maintenance Facility is where Link trains go for cleaning, storage and care, and it's open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To build this new facility, we need approximately 60-70 acres (for reference, one football field is 1.3 acres) near a light rail line.

This project will be a big effort, requiring a large team to come together and collaborate and work together. As part of this team, you will have many opportunities to be creative, try a vast variety of outreach and communications tools and play different roles based on your interests.

As a member of the team, we would anticipate you would:

  • Research demographics and dig into the data in the area to understand the who, what, when and where.
  • Talk with key community groups and stakeholders to understand the why and how folks want to engage with the project and the transportation system
  • Help craft the community engagement plan and revise it over time as we learn more from the community
  • Watch facilitation in action (or bring your expertise) with the Elected Leadership Group and the Stakeholder Advisory Group
  • Engage directly with the community at fairs and festivals and pop-up events
  • Plan and staff online public meetings (and eventually in-person meetings too!)
  • Hear directly from the community and summarize and process their feedback
  • Develop materials from videos to display ads to fact sheets
  • Learn task and project management skills

Other projects in North Puget Sound (about 30%)

While the majority of this role focuses on the Everett Link project (about half-time), we work on many other North Puget Sound projects. We would anticipate you having time to work on other projects in the region that match your interest and passions. A few of our current projects include:

  • Shoreline 175th Corridor Improvements Project: The City of Shoreline plans to improve bike, pedestrian and roadway facilities on N 175th Street, making it easier and safer for all users. We’re midway through design and will be sharing the preferred design concept and talking with neighbors about landscaping and urban design next spring!
  • Everett Smelter Cleanup: The Washington State Department of Ecology has been working to clean up lead and arsenic contamination left behind by the Everett Smelter in residential and industrial areas of Northeast Everett. We will begin working with a new group of property owners to create plans for their properties, begin cleanup and restoration with lots of direct contact with property owners to help them through the process.

Company time for professional growth, skill development, and admin (about 20%)

We hope everyone on our team has time to focus on personal growth and skill development while at EI. As part of your workload, we reserve time for you to pursue interests and goals. In addition, this time allows you to engage with our EI community to build lasting relationships and have the space to reflect and act to adjust behavior towards anti-racism. This time is also used for company admin activities such as submitting weekly timesheets and attending all company meetings and trainings.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be passionate and interested in working on a large-scale transit project with Sound Transit as they begin planning for the extension of Link light rail to Everett
  • Bring knowledge of Snohomish County communities, including Tribes and Tribal communities, to our team to help create equitable engagement opportunities and build relationships with communities
  • Knowledge and or experience working with community-based organizations in Snohomish County such as service providers, youth engagement organizations, and cultural centers
  • Understanding of core constructs such as structural racism, equity, justice, white privilege, internalized oppression, anti-racism, and more
  • Understand how race-based privilege and power has contributed to “the range of barriers to equal opportunity and the depth of embedded racial inequities” – how they were created, are currently reinforced and maintained, and can be removed
  • Exhibit cultural responsiveness and humility
  • Commitment to seeking and offering direct feedback with a growth mindset
  • Excellent writing focused on being accessible to a wide variety of specific audiences
  • Experience maintaining project databases, compiling meeting summaries, preparing publication materials, public outreach and coordinating public outreach efforts
  • Ability to focus and demonstrate attention to detail
  • Experience navigating conflict and addressing concerns from community members who are upset
  • Organizational and computer skills (especially with Word and Excel)
  • Ability and interest in self-reflection
  • Ability to communicate in a language other than English

Conditions of employment:

  • A valid driver's license is required to drive to sites/events in instances where transit/rideshare is not available
  • Local travel to sites/events outside of regular business hours
  • Occasional weekend and evening work as we want to meet community members where they are. Our work schedules can be flexible depending on event timing and your preferences.

To apply, please email the below listed directly to resumes@enviroissues.com.

  1. Resume highlighting relevant experience
  2. Cover letter sharing information about you and your interest in this position
  3. Completed Self-Identify Form from our website

Interview process and timeline

Our goal is to hire someone within 6 to 8 weeks from closing the job posting. We are committed to keeping you informed throughout the process. Our interview process includes:

  1. Resume review – This usually occurs within the first week after we’ve closed the job posting.
  2. Phone interview and writing exercise (1 hour) – Initially, we like to talk with you over the phone for 30 minutes to learn about your skills and how they relate to this position. After the conversation, we have a 30-minute writing exercise which we can email you to complete. We can also schedule the writing exercise separately if needed.
  3. Virtual Video interview (90 minutes) – Our virtual video interview focuses on being conversational, allowing you to learn about us and our work, and allowing us to hear how you respond to different situations. We hold 90 minutes for this conversation to ensure we aren’t rushed. It is okay if the interview is shorter.
  4. Hiring decision – After we finish all interviews for the position, we meet and decide on making an offer. You will hear from us regardless of our hiring decision.