Community Engagement Project Manager - Seattle, Portland, Oakland

  • Regular full-time (40 hours/week) hourly-benefitted position; potential for flexible hours
  • Overtime exempt
  • Annual salary range between $74,880 – $91,520
  • Applications accepted until filled
  • Multiple positions available

Our community

Our EnviroIssues team is passionate about supporting communities in having a voice and opportunity to influence the issues impacting their everyday life. As a consulting firm, we work with a wide variety of clients, mainly in the public sector, on public involvement and community outreach to bring community voices into a variety of projects – whether that's addressing wastewater discharge into Puget Sound, large infrastructure projects across counties in the Bay Area, replacing a bridge in Portland, or helping communities plan how they grow. While our largest area of work is transportation and transit, we also work in water utilities, land use, natural resources, climate, cleanup, energy, and other sectors that impact people in our communities. With more than 100 staff across our Seattle, Portland, and Oakland offices, we collaborate and support each other in defining collective success.

We believe Black Lives Matter and are committed to a journey toward being an antiracist workplace. We have a long way to go to address our structural and institutional racism and come together as a community for mutual support and respect. We need people to join our community who are committed to addressing their personal racism, as well as stand with us in learning and developing a new culture of antiracism. In 2019, we officially stated the necessity of becoming an anti-racist organization. Although, our journey began with a small group of staff a couple of years earlier, we were clear we could not strive for excellent service without this mandatory ingredient. With this awareness, we have clarity in our mission, to decolonize and eliminate racism in community engagement by actively and assertively transforming to be an anti-racist, human-centered organization. This will equip us to amplify the voice, power, self-determination, and practices of the communities we serve.

We share this commitment to equity and are early in our journey. We are stumbling and making mistakes; and growing in our collective humanity. We are working to build a team that reflects the diversity of the communities in which we work, diversity of ideas, leadership, and work styles; and will support our vision of an equitable and thriving workplace. We strive to stay humble in our growth and understand that to effectively serve our communities and clients, we must begin our work internally. The ideal candidate will see themselves in this journey and eager to bring their wisdom and experience in service to our equity journey.

The role and position

As a Community Engagement Project Manager, you can expect fast-paced, collaborative, and impactful opportunities to develop and implement equity-oriented community engagement and public involvement strategies for a variety of public and private clients and audiences. In this position, you operate as a day-to-day project manager or deputy project manager for a variety of projects ranging from transportation, natural resources, research, and infrastructure improvement. In this role, this position is responsible for:

  • Managing implementation for small and/or multiple projects with confidence in decision-making and in partnership with strategic advisors. This includes developing and collaboration on project strategies and activities; offering clear and consistent communication between all project stakeholders; ensuring effective and appropriate internal review coordination of materials and service, while accounting for quality delivered to client.
  • Actively striving to appropriately meet deadlines, project budget constraints, and emergent needs of project; with the willingness to adjust strategy, timelines, and activities to maintain a positive outcome.
  • Working alongside and manage project teams of various size to develop strategies on equitable distribution of activities, ensure shared understanding of goals, provide clear and consistent communication with all team members, and have difficult conversations amongst the team when appropriate.
  • Offering strategic input on community engagement and public engagement approaches to clients, partners, and stakeholders and support successful delivery of project work regardless of role on project.
  • Actively advocating for racial equity and anti-racism in the work being done on the project, particularly supporting team member's experience, and take necessary steps to acknowledge the impact of team members who are black, indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC).
  • Taking part in, and possibly lead, difficult conversations with clients and partners to address issues that are out of alignment with EI's vision and values of anti-racism and human-centered outcomes. This can include uncomfortable moments addressing behavior of client, partners, and/or community stakeholders which could be harmful to EI staff or community members.
  • Actively seeking opportunities to develop and offer coaching and mentoring to EI team members. Utilize strategies to understand team members goals, needs, and inspirations to build regular opportunities for learning and reflection for growth.
  • Engaging in the giving and receiving of growth-minded feedback with team members, clients, and community partners. Follow up on any adjustments made due to feedback.
  • Engaging in management of the project's contract supporting monthly invoicing and budget review, developing, and executing contract amendments, and negotiating scope and budget updates.
  • Leading and supporting project marketing and business development efforts in consultation with Corporate Communications team, staff members, and senior leadership including, develop specific approaches for securing projects within a given sector, and support company business objectives.
  • Engaging in our company's commitment to being anti-racist by engaging in individual and collective learning, strategizing, behavior change, and embedding racial equity into practices.

The ideal candidate:

  • 1 to 2 years' experience as a consultant; finds fulfillment in consulting and appreciates the flexibility and variety that comes from consulting roles on complex projects.
  • Has 3+ years' experience developing and implementing community engagement and public involvement strategies and campaigns.
  • Conveys confidence in leading teams of varying size and expertise, coordinating efforts between multiple stakeholders.
  • Is experienced incorporating critical and dynamic messages for developing print and web/social media-based materials for a variety of activities/events.
  • Demonstrates leadership working respectfully and with dignity in diverse, multi-cultural settings, even when unfamiliar with stakeholders.
  • Brings ideas, experience, and openness to working and implementing ways to embed anti-racism into community engagement; along with bringing personal anti-racism strategies and an ability to share and support others in their anti-racism journey.
  • Is willing to engage in conflict and have hard conversations with colleagues, clients, and partners in order to support the success of their teams.
  • Centers relationship-building in their communication, seeking to know their colleagues and understand their skills, interests, and backgrounds. Works on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth knowledge of the company or organization.
  • Is passionate about other people's success and contributing to their positive experience, and growth through mentoring and coaching.
  • Demonstrates willingness to both receive and give growth-minded feedback.
  • Demonstrates willingness to receive and respond to coaching from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) leaders.

Must have attitudes:

  • Appreciates the need to practice cultural humility in one's life and work. That is, careful consideration of one's own assumptions, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that are embedded in one's understandings and goals when interacting with individuals of different races or cultures.
  • Willingness to be transformed in the service of racial equity and anti-oppression work
  • Values mentoring and coaching as a critical resource for one's self and staff to receive.
  • Desires to be a partner/collaborator with others to contribute to outcomes
  • Examines and reflects on one's own racial/ethnic biases/prejudices that may impact one's work.
  • Acknowledges one's racial or cultural "blind spots" and working to address them
  • Willingness and competent to express racial equity and race inequity opinions even if they differ from the majority
  • Disagreeing regarding racial equity issues and their intersections without being defensive and criticizing others' points of view
  • Thinking/talking about individual issues in being self-aware/mindful about racial equity issues

How EI is responding to COVID-19

Based on understanding of current science and public policy, we are working under a mandatory work from home policy, likely through fall 2021. Our team is continuing to consider current trends and recommendations and may extend this mandatory work from home policy as necessary. The safety and wellbeing of EI employees, their families, and our communities is our top priority. We are also working with clients to ensure outreach activities in communities are implemented in ways that are safe for our team. We will not require anyone to perform onsite/in-person outreach activities who does not feel safe doing so, or who is not able to because of their home circumstances or obligations. Upon hire, EI will partner to provide any technology, technical support, and supplies needed to effectively and safely complete position duties.

To apply, please email the below listed directly to

  • Resume highlighting relevant experience for the position.
  • Cover letter sharing:
    • Information about you
    • Why you are excited to apply for this position
    • Why you feel ending racism is important
    • What strategies have you created to dismantle racism in your life
  • A 1-page response to the question: How have you centered people's humanity as a project manager?
  • If you are willing, complete and submit a voluntary Self-Identify Form which is maintained separately from your application materials.
  • We encourage anyone who brings bilingual and/or multicultural background and/or lived experience that helps us include all voices in an equitable way to apply.